CRM stands for customer relationship management and it is a very important tool when it comes to increasing your business’s turnover and recurring revenue. You can use a CRM software to keep track of potential sales behaviour, data, interactions and sales opportunities.

At Designsy our specialist CRM team can help you create, mobilise and manage entire CRM and automation architecture systems to help you get more ROI for your marketing efforts.

What Is A CRM?

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How Can a CRM
Benefit My Business?

Having your website linked to a CRM system can supercharge your sales. Discover interested users you would never have found and target them uniquely with a marketing campaign that will help them convert.

Through clever algorithm on your website and CRM-side, you can identify specific browsers on your site, what they look for, how many times they've visited and more valuable marketing information.

Open the door to repeat purchases and upsell product/services by providing your customers and browsers products and services best suited to their needs. Aaand bam! just like that, you've doubled your revenue stream through clever AI and algorithms tailored to your business and website.

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