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Search Engine Marketing (SEO) — We’ve all heard this buzzword before, but how does this marketing strategy help your business grow?
If you’re unsure, you’re now no longer alone. When it comes to SEO, many Australian business owners are left questioning what it is exactly, how it works, and how to use it properly for their business. At Designsy, we’re proud to take the guesswork from your search engine optimisation offerings with our tried-and-tested strategies, professional Google certified SEO team , and cutting-edge, innovative digital strategies that are designed to improve your organic search results and help you convert more paying customers.

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What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine optimisation or SEO is a type of digital marketing strategy used to increase the quality & quantity of your online traffic to a website, social media accounts and from organic Google searches (SERPs). SEO strategies help websites rank well in Google search results for relevant keywords.

For example: If you are a plumber in a busy city, investing in a SEO strategy that includes the targeted keyword “same day plumber near me” would likely put you in the top search position when people search for this service on Google. It is also beneficial to get an SEO analysis to see how well your website is doing, try the Designsy SEO analysis tool for free and get an in-depth report on your SEO performance.

Website SEO Audit

Our Google certified team will conduct a technical audit of your website based on the search engines point of view. (*All Designsy websites already includes speed boosts and loading optimisations).

Keyword Research

The right keywords can unlock a windfall of new clients that are ready to buy. Our experts look into the keyword ranking, difficulty and potential to create a tailored strategy for you.

Technical SEO

At Designsy we take technical SEO to a whole new level. Our SEO specialists look at everything from your speed, security, XML & robots configurations. We're happy to explain what all these mean, we love this nerd stuff! 🤓 Just shoot us an email.

Competitor Analysis

We use powerful software and tools to analyse your competitors and see what they're doing well in search engine results and we emulate the good bits to your advantage.

What's Included

Local SEO

Using the power of Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Reviews & Ratings, we'll make sure you are listed where people visit the most.

Data Analytics (GA4)

Some of our SEO services include the setup of the next generation of 2022 Google Analytics (GA4). You'll get detailed summaries and reports of visitor behaviour, click off rates, retention, hotspots and which products are popular. Our monthly plans keep your business up to date and in the loop of what customers are thinking.

Content Copywriting

Based on your selected keywords, our copywriters research and write quality content pertaining to your industry that your target audience will ❤️.

Content Audit

Our expert copywriters review the wording and content on your website. We then research keywords and optimise it for SEO and link-building opportunities.

Designsy SEO Covers All Bases

Firstly, we’ll conduct a deep dive to understand your business more, how it operates, the market you compete in and how you are fairing compared to your competitors

This part is key, it’s where the small details really count. Using powerful analytics software, our expert teams will thoroughly research your related keywords, how they pertain to conversions and the sweetspot for keyword difficulty and budget. That way, when we target the right keywords and build your SEO score up over time, the traffic will start coming in organically (and for free too!)

Search engine optimisation is all about utilising the right keywords (content or copy) across your website. Our expert copywriters can skillfully craft your content to appeal to your target audience as well as satisfy Google.

Nowadays where everyone bases their decisions based on Google reviews, it is crucial to have professional management of your brand reputation online as it has the power to affect your consumers and SEO score.

The power of local SEO is underrated. Say your a cafe owner – a successful SEO strategy may include: if your customer walks within a 500 radius you have targeted ads for 10% off takeaway coffee. It then links them to their Google maps for directions and even shows them the 2,037 positive reviews you’ve accumulated. All this traction with the power of expert SEO.