User experience design is the process of planning the experience, journey and touch points your customers have when interacting with your brand.

What Is UX & UI Design?

User Experience (UX) is a vast multidisciplinary field but in the context of web design it is referring to the interaction a user has with your website and brand, this includes how it makes them fell, the design, layout and overall flow of your website. Yes it’s nice to have a pretty website but does it do what you want it to do? Does it gently guide the curious onlooker to convert to the sale or click through to a certain area you want them to go. This is where UX design comes in. The User Interface (UI) refers to the platform in which a user is interacting to your brand with.

How does UX uI design
help my business grow?

These days more and more people conduct more and more business online, who still goes to the yellow pages for a plumber? It’s all Google and all digital. That’s why it has never been more crucial to offer your customers a simple and well-designed user experience to help their daily lives. Users in this century have come to expect an optimised user experience as a basic requirement.

Clearly understanding why customers come to your site and what they are looking for is key to staying ahead in this increasing digital world. Personlisation, creative UX strategies are all part of the game now and Designsy UX/UI designers can make sure your business is at the forefront of search technology and customer engagement.

In a recent study from Forrester Research, a well designed user interface could raise the website’s conversion rate by up to 200% and a better UX design could increase that up to 400%. Put simply, the data speaks for itself. At Designsy our expert team of UX/UI designers will break your business down and look at what your individual customer avatars are trying to achieve, we then utilise UX research and deep diving initiatives to create a tailored user journey that can help your business reach it’s marketing goals.

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Custom UX & UI strategies tailored for your customers.